Blood & Sand

The beginning

In which a sandstorm brings the protagonists together.

As the story begins, Jordyn and Mask duck into Altaruk just ahead of a fierce sandstorm which proceeds to rage for 4 days and nights. With little else to occupy the travelers, they spend most of their time in one of the local taverns, the Stinking Kank.

On the third day of the sandstorm, 3 caravans enter Altaruk. Apparently the rest of their convoy got separated from them in the storm and they fear they may have been set upon by bandits. With no one else to turn to, the caravan master of the Wavir trading house, Rhotan Vor, calls in a favor from Kriv, someone he’s done business with in the past.

Kriv rounds up a motley assortment of volunteers from the bar, and after the sandstorm dies down he heads out to look for the missing caravan. Not far from town, they are ambushed by a pack of lizards which Jordyn recognizes as silt runners. After a short but brutal battle, Kriv falls unconscious, but thanks to some makeshift first aid by his companions, he lives to fight another day.


Enigmatic1 Enigmatic1

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