Blood & Sand

A Lost Vault?

In which Kriv finds a use for his mental tools.

It turns out that the crystal which the group recovered was actually the soulshard of Jhakobo Madar, the grandson of Darom Madar. Darom, the patriarch of House Madar, was assassinated along with his entire family by the Tsulaxa guild over 200 years ago. However, the Madar fortune was never found; rumors say that it was stored within a secret vault whose location is now lost.

Rhotan Vor learns from the soulshard the rough location of the vault, and decides that this is his chance to recover the vast fortune. However, he needs bodyguards to scout for him, find the exact location of the vault, and guard the treasure on their journey to sell the goods in Tyr. In light of the excellent job the party did recovering the crystal and freeing the hostages, he offers them an 8% share of the treasure. Kriv’s slick tongue bargains him up to 12% and a somewhat bloody, secondhand suit of armor up front.

Meanwhile, Kira Vaan has been acting rather strangely – she received a cryptic note from a hooded stranger when she entered Altaruk, and disappeared in the night while the others were conducting business with Rhotan Vor. It remains to be seen whether her motives are aligned with the rest of the party…

Before setting off the next morning on the road to Silver Springs, Jordyn receives a cryptic note of her own from one of the elven caravan drivers whom she rescued the day before.

The party finally sets off, scouting the road ahead, but before long, they are surprised by an Id Fiend – a terrifying beast who uses their own darkest fears against them. After a tense battle, the party emerges victorious, and they pragmatically decide to hold on to the fiend’s brain in hopes that someone (?) might decide to buy it from them. Perhaps the heatstroke has caught up with them after all…


Enigmatic1 Enigmatic1

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